CABLE MATE cable hanging safety devices from Magnet Sales Australia

Magnet Sales Australia now has available an innovative cable management device called the CABLE MATE which has been very successful thus far in making workplaces free of unsightly and hazardous leads, hoses and electrical cables.

Using a special robust HDPE plastic strap with a powerful rare earth magnet, the CABLE MATE cable hanging safety device can carry up to 30kgs of cable and hoses – ideal for businesses that are serious about their employee’s safety and wellbeing.

The CABLE MATE cable hanging safety device simply attaches on to any mild steel surface and immediately allows a tidy workplace, free of trip hazards, to be created effortlessly, economically and efficiently.

CABLE MATE magnetic cable hangers can keep both permanent and temporary work area floors and platforms tidy and free of unsafe cable mess, thus reducing the risk of trip hazards.

The cable safety product reduces the risk of trip hazard and electrocution in the work place. Additionally, the CABLE MATE is very effective for storage of electrical leads and hoses, chain, and tools inside vans, shipping containers and site sheds.

Magnet Sales Australia stocks the CABLE MATE cable hanging safety device and sells them through various electrical outlets and safety supplies throughout Australia.

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