BYOD paperless crane inspection app launched

Techs4Biz Australia has introduced a new paperless crane inspection
application that eliminates the hassles of paperwork during crane maintenance
while saving time and money.

Strict regulations are in place worldwide to ensure safe practices
during the maintenance of heavy machinery such as cranes. Regular inspections
and preventative maintenance ensure safety at the worksite, minimising
accidents and potential injury. Paperless crane inspection software eliminates the
typical hassles of safety inspections.

Designed to work on smartphones and tablets, the new paperless crane
inspection app addresses the various limitations of conventional form-based crane
inspection methods including the laborious paperwork that needs to be manually filled
up at every stage of the inspection. Apart from taking a lot of time, entering
information in a paper form is not only tedious and error-prone but also
confusing, especially when the inspection is being conducted in new sites or
harsh environments.

The standard procedure for recording crane inspections includes identifying
the crane to be inspected or serviced; inspecting the crane as per the
appropriate standard or manufacturer specifications; filling in crane details (engine
hours, odometer, registration number, parts used, etc.); taking photos of any
defect or deficiency of the crane; uploading the photo to the computer; editing
the photo to highlight problem areas; incorporating the photo in the paperwork;
recording parts and labour used; creating reports of the inspected crane for
the client; sending the client the report or corrective action required; and
scheduling the next inspection.

The same process can be accomplished at a faster speed using a paperless
crane inspection app and an appropriate mobile device, saving time and money
for all stakeholders.

A paperless crane inspection application can help inspectors and field
technicians use their smartphone or tablet devices running on Android or iOS to
scan barcode, read RFID or enter ID of the crane; enter data using pick lists
or speech to text; take photos of the crane using the mobile device’s in-built
camera; capture electronic signature on the mobile device; get real-time offline
access to reference material such as manuals and instructions, previous
inspection history of the crane, and relevant standards (AS -2550); provide
list of all parts required and used during the service; send completed
inspection report and images back to the office in real-time; automatically
generate reports on the spot and send to clients; and follow up on required
corrective actions.

Using a paperless crane inspection application to inspect cranes will minimise
human errors, simplify the inspection process in the field, and save time,
money and paper.

Techs4Biz’s paperless crane inspection solution has been specifically
configured to suit the inspection and service requirements of any type of crane
including mobile, overhead, tower, rough terrain, crawler and aerial mounted models
among others.

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