Bulk Materials Handling Inspection with Paperless Checklists

Large scale operations means there are can be big repercussions
from small imperfections. Bulk Materials Handling is one of the cornerstones of
the success of the Australian economy. The Australian mega ports provide
numerous imports and exports to different nations and regions of the world and
their success is built around efficiency and precision. Adept bulk materials
handling inspection is one of the ways in organisations and large corporations
are ensuring resources are getting where they need to go, when they need to go
there and that everything I following strict quality adherence. The maintenance
and management of large handling fleets involving cranes, dumper trucks moving
floors etc., can be a complex process. Paperless inspection and CMMS/Work Order
systems are proving to be the answer making everything simple.

Bulk materials handling inspection can naturally be diverse
because of its extensive oversight. There can be inspection of goods and cargo,
monitoring of the equipment life cycle or pre start checks for the heavy
machinery. Digital inspection and asset management solutions are allowing
management to keep control and an excellent oversight whilst allowing
inspectors all the information they need at the right time. Inspectors can
benefit from using numerous mobile device functions such as automatic GPS
timestamps to record asset location, standardized response for efficient
inspection and the camera to record data no words can express. The introduction
of speech-to-text applications alongside the camera and touchscreen features
means inspectors have a diverse range of tools to record diverse results. Pre
start checks of heavy machinery such as cranes, dumpster trucks or moving
floors is another key benefactor by implementing paperless bulk materials
handling inspection solutions. Reference material in the form of manuals,
industry compliance or regulations such as ISO 17253 can be easily attached to
specific checklist parts, meaning inspectors always have the right aid for each
asset and each inspection type. Paperless bulk materials handling inspection
systems also allow management and other stakeholders to gain a detailed
oversight in real time. Whilst all the inspectors are gathering data, the
back-end software is providing in-depth analysis and dynamic number-crunching
for business management. Results can be displayed to board members, industry
personnel or even the inspectors themselves in real-time. Reports are handily
available via 24/7 web portal access and can either be hosted in-house or on
cloud based solution (SaaS). Top to bottom, paperless bulk materials handling
inspection applications can streamline and speed up the inspection process.
Some organisations have already shown evidence of time savings of up to 1/3 of
their entire inspection procedure.

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