BSB type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts from Vibration Solutions ensuring stability

Vibration Solutions presents the BSB type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts suitable
for applications where stability is a priority in anti-vibration suspensions.

BSB type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts function as anti-vibration elements that
work the rubber in shear and compression with an optimal ratio of stiffness and
horizontal stability. This capability makes the BSB type mounts ideal for
applications that prioritise stability in an anti-vibration suspension.

However, Vibration Solutions recommends BRB type AMC-Mecanocaucho anti vibration
mounts for applications where the degree of isolation is important.

Technical characteristics

Key features of BSB type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts include top metal hood
protecting the rubber from ozone, UV rays, diesel or oils; suitable
anticorrosive treatment on metal parts for outdoor applications; RoHS
compliance; and interlocking metal component providing failsafe protection for
mobile applications by limiting ascending vertical movement when the mounting
is submitted to shocks at traction.

The mount’s baseplate is engraved with the type and hardness, allowing
the part to be easily identified even after several years of use. The hood is
cross-stamped on the top, enhancing its stiffness in mobile applications while also
improving the evacuation of oils or liquids that splash onto it.


BSB type AMC-Mecanocaucho mounts are ideal for mobile rotating machines such
as pumps, marine-land auxiliary units, industrial vehicles, compressors and
ventilators that require control of movements and reasonable values of
vibrations and noise. The mounts are also recommended for the isolation of
mobile rotating machines exposed to axial and radial shocks, dripping oil or
diesel, or the weather.

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