Bringing clarity to diesel filters

HYDAC has released a new pre-filtration system, the Diesel PreCare, designed
to ensure the smooth operation of diesel engines while minimising damage from
contamination and water. The HYDAC Diesel PreCare filter is based on a two-stage
water separation concept that delivers excellent filtration performance.

Several legislations have been introduced to minimise emissions and environmental
pollution from vehicles. To achieve these stringent requirements, vehicle
manufacturers have adopted design changes that are making components more
sensitive to contamination and water in the fuel.

Use of inferior filters in such vehicles can cause serious damage from contamination,
culminating in engine failure, while water in the diesel can cause corrosion in
the system. Vehicles running on biodiesel are susceptible to the ‘diesel bug’,
which refers to a sludge consisting of microorganisms blocking the fuel filter
or the injection nozzles, resulting in heavy corrosion building up on fuel tank
walls and in the fuel lines.

HYDAC’s new Diesel PreCare filter is based on a two-stage concept for
water removal to guarantee smooth operation of diesel engines.

The first stage consists of an all-synthetic filter medium in which fine
water droplets combine to form larger ones while particles are filtered out.
The all-synthetic filter media has significantly smaller diameter fibres than
the usual cellulose materials, achieving very high filtration efficiency with
low pressure drop.

The real phase separation between water and diesel fuel takes place in
the second stage at the hydrophobic barrier layer. The water droplets drip off the
hydrophobic material and trickle downwards due to their higher density. The
separated water collects in a trap and can be discharged either manually or automatically.
Since the water separation occurs on the clean side, the barrier layer cannot become
contaminated and the water separation efficiency remains consistently high
throughout the entire service life of the filter element.

In the event the filter elements become clogged, only the elements have
to be changed, unlike conventional spin-on cartridges. The filter elements are also
completely incinerable.

HYDAC PreCare diesel filters protect sensitive fuel components in the
engine from damage by means of effective filtration. The highly efficient
filters prevent failure in expensive high pressure pumps and injection systems,
reducing costly service work as well as lifecycle costs of the vehicle.

HYDAC’s range offers perfectly matched pre-filters and main filters. The
efficient filtration and water separation capabilities protect the engine as
well as the environment.

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