Bringing a heritage timber floor back to life

Two coating products from Urethane Coatings, Timberseal and Monothane
Satin were utilised to restore a heritage timber floor in a building in Foveaux
Street, Surry Hills, Sydney.

The existing floor was made from Tallowwood, a Eucalypt species native
to Australia, and had certainly seen better days. An exceptionally durable
hardwood timber, Tallowwood is naturally oily with high tannin content; it is also
termite-resistant and often used for timber flooring.

Timberseal and Monothane Satin coatings were used to bring this floor
back to life. First, the floor was sanded and prepared, after which a single
coat of Timberseal was applied, followed by two coats of Monothane Satin.

Timberseal has been developed as a first coat for cork tiles, particle
board, pine species and hardwoods. It may also be mixed with fine sawdust to
slurry consistency for use as a filler for timber seams. A highly flexible first
coating, it virtually eliminates edge bonding when heavily applied and worked
into the seams, thereby preventing entry of the subsequent coat of Monothane

Monothane Satin is a transparent, single pack moisture cure polyurethane
coating that provides a hard finish while maintaining the natural character of timber.

Urethane Coatings products are available from Era Polymers.

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