Bombardier and Moxa deploy tram process control system in Suzhou, China

Rugged and modular RTU
controllers from Moxa have been used in a signalling solution designed by
Bombardier for the new 18km tramline in Suzhou City, China.

With the tramline incorporating
27 controlled points (crossovers), its operator sought to maximise its capacity
to the highest modern standards. Bombardier was called in to design and deploy
a solution based on their experience in signalling installations.

Bombardier designed the system
to control up to 200 routes, a route being the distance between two consecutive
points of railway signalling. Its main objective was to allow the train
dispatcher to control all the processes on the tram line, ensuring that the
stabling and control process was simplified and made more efficient. The system
was also required to increase overall safety and reduce the probability of
human error.

Additionally, Bombardier had to
take the specific environmental conditions in Suzhou into account, such as high
temperatures and relative humidity of up to 82%, given that electronic
equipment used in such extreme conditions needed to be rugged and provide
highest reliability for the mission-critical application.

Bombardier’s signalling system
enables the train dispatcher to control and monitor every movement in the
marshalling yard and on the tramline, and also set routes and control
individual location points. Moxa’s ioPAC 8500 series rugged, modular RTU
controllers are an important part of the system, collecting and recording
real-time measurements from sensors to monitor railway equipment status for
preventive trackside asset management.

Moxa’s Channel Sales Manager
Eastern Europe Nadir Yilmaz explains that the ioPAC 8500 series RTU controllers
offer precise data acquisition with a high-speed data capture rate and a
millisecond timestamp. In Suzhou’s marshalling yard, every cabinet houses two
of the controllers in a paired configuration, requiring any command to get the
acknowledgement of both devices before it is executed. The solution, therefore,
increases security and prevents unauthorised access to the system.

extreme environment was one of the major challenges of the project with high
temperatures and humidity requiring robust industrial hardware and software.
Bombardier’s software CITYFLO 150 is a key element of the whole project using
the rugged hardware platform of the Moxa ioPAC 8500, along with high MTBF
times. Moxa’s rugged platform was chosen for its high reliability combined with
the modular design and programming in C as well as its cost-effective design
that integrates the controller and I/O in one device.

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