Big inflatable blast shelters reducing turbine maintenance costs

A large inflatable blast shelter from Giant Inflatables Industrial is
helping power plant personnel reduce costs during periodic turbine maintenance
work. Both gas and coal-based power plants rely on turbines to generate power –
84.5% of Australia’s total power output is generated through the burning of
coal and gas.

The turbines employed in these power plants require rigorous maintenance
in an operation consisting of hundreds of personnel and weeks of downtime. The turbines
are completely disassembled, cleaned, tested and reassembled, with the cleaning
of the unit done via a time-consuming process called abrasive blasting.

Abrasive blasting uses tiny particles that are blasted at high pressure
against a part to clean it. The process creates a lot of particles, which will
need to be contained in an enclosed space. Typically, an enclosed environment
is created using scaffolding, which would usually take a few days to set up and
also cost up to ten thousand dollars.

Therefore, Giant Inflatables Industrial partnered with the world-leading
turbine manufacturer Siemens to develop an industrial grade inflatable blasting
shelter. The portable blast shelter can be easily erected and is designed to create
an enclosed environment in a matter of hours, saving days of time and thousands
of dollars.

The inflatable blast shelter can pack down to fit on a pallet and is
easily transported between power plants. These shelters travel across Australia
saving Siemens thousands of dollars and days of time at every power plant maintained
by the company.

Blast shelters from Giant Inflatables deliver a significant advantage
over traditional methods at sensitive power plant sites governed by strict
operational health and safety requirements. Inflatable blast shelters do not need
rigging systems and heavy machinery, and can be erected simply by unpacking and
connecting to the fan, eliminating many OH&S complications.

With safety, cost, and time saving at the heart of Giant Inflatables’ blasting
shelters, turbine maintenance teams around the world are opting for portable
inflatable shelters as an alternative to traditional blasting enclosures. 

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