Bi-directional microelectrode array platform for 2D and 3D in vitro electrophysiology

Scitech introduces BioCAM DupleX by 3Brain, a fully bi-directional
microelectrode array platform for 2D and 3D in-vitro electrophysiology.

Also known as a multi-electrode array (MEA) platform for powerful in-vitro
functional imaging, BioCAM DupleX boasts bidirectional capabilities that allow
researchers to simultaneously record high-density electrophysiological data at
18kHz and induce electrical stimulation at any of the 4,096 microelectrodes.

In addition to this micrometre-precise electrical stimulation, active
and passive light shielding allows the use of optogenetic tools without
affecting chip functionality.

BioCAM DupleX’s cutting-edge technology is the result of 15 years of
development with CMOS-MEA chips, which set a new standard for studying electrophysiological
activity in brain organoids, slices and tissues as well as in retinal cultures,
in-vitro human-derived stem cells and cardiac tissues.

Through innovation, 3Brain’s BioCAM DupleX is helping to advance
research in neuroscience, ophthalmology and cardiology, as well as drug

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480

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