Bestech’s latest linear positioning sensor creating a disruption in the market

Bestech Australia has added a new spring loaded version to their range
of linear positioning sensors.

Linear Variable Inductive Transducers or LVITs represent a true
disruption in the industrial position sensing industry by merging the benefits
of contactless inductive sensing and the low cost of contact based
technologies. LVITs are contactless devices designed for factory automation and
a variety of heavy duty industrial or commercial applications such as solar
cell positioners, wind turbine prop pitch and brakes, chute or gate positioners
on off-road or agri-vehicles, bridge expansion and rail sun kink monitoring,
robotic arm position feedback, snow plow positioning, automotive/ motor sports,
and packaging equipment.

Bestech’s spring loaded LVITs from ASG feature a compact yet robust
design, deliver superior performance and excellent stroke-to-length ratio, and
are ideal for both industrial and OEM position sensing applications.

Key features of LVITs include contactless operation preventing wear-out
from dither or cycling; 12.5 to 450 mm (1/2 to 18 inches) range; radial cable
exit version supplied with swivel rod eye ends; four analogue outputs; axial
termination versions with M-12 connector or 1m cable; and ASG’s proprietary
SenSet field scalability.

LRS-18 Spring Loaded LVIT

Featuring a ¬æ” OD aluminium body, the spring loaded LRS-18 is offered in
a 12.5mm to 100mm range and is ideal for OEM and factory automation
applications where small size and low cost are favoured. However, the probe
cannot be hard fixed to the measurand.

LR-19 Automation Duty LVIT

The LR-19 has a ¬æ” OD aluminium body and is offered in ranges up to
200mm. The LR-19 is ideal for OEM and factory automation applications where
small size and low cost are a premium.

LR-27 Industrial Duty LVIT

More robust than the LR-19, the LR-27 series is offered in a 1″ OD aluminium
or stainless steel housing. The LR-27 is also suitable for industrial OEM and
factory automation applications where the application or environment is too
extreme for the LR-19.

LV-45 Extreme Duty LVIT

The LV-45 series units are built to survive the
most extreme environments such as installations on bridges, train tracks, and
in off-road vehicles for construction and agriculture.

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