Bestech unveils new heavy vehicle training simulators

Bestech Australia announces the launch of training simulators designed
to train heavy vehicle operators for the mining, construction and material
handling industries.

Bestech’s SIMLOG heavy vehicle training simulators deliver a
cost-effective simulation environment for trainees to practice heavy vehicle
operations involving mining trucks, hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, wheel
loaders, drill jumbos and off-highway trucks in a variety of situations and

The SIMLOG series offers a range of personal heavy equipment simulators with
all training results logged and stored in a single database for viewing and
analysis by the training instructor. The self-paced training session allows
trainee operators to improve their skills while the Simulation Manager can track
their performance, identify areas of concern and hone their skills before
getting them ready for a real vehicle.

Given the increasing complexity of modern mining equipment, it is
imperative that operators are completely trained to operate these expensive machines
correctly and productively, ensuring revenue and preventing workplace hazards.

SIMLOG personal simulators from Bestech
Australia allow trainees to familiarise themselves with complex equipment in a
simulated environment, helping them gain confidence working the controls and
conducting standard tasks safely in a variety of real world situations. Trainers
can track trainee performance over multiple sessions and provide specific
guidance where needed.

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