Bestech presents new wireless coupled flange drive rotary torque sensors

Bestech Australia introduces the new wireless coupled flange drive
rotary torque sensors from Burster.

Model 8670 wireless torque sensor is the only device on the market that
offers high-reliability torque sensing for applications where excessive
vibration is a concern. The sensor is designed to be used as a drop-in
replacement for legacy applications in which previous torque sensor installations
may have damaged sensor power rotors, resulting in serious downtime and repair

Burster’s Model 8760 wireless torque sensors feature encapsulated on-board
electronics that provide strain gage bridge excitation, bridge output
amplification, and amplified signal conversion into a 16-bit digital output.
This immediate signal conversion results in significantly reduced conducted
noise effects. Any electronic device equipped to receive 2.4 GHz Bluetooth data
can receive signals from the 8760 torque transducer.

Key features of Model 8670 rotary torque sensors include Bluetooth
wireless remote receiver equipped with three analogue outputs and USB data port
for seamless connection to a PC or other device; on-board electronics
facilitating remote shunt calibration; immunity to EMI, ground loop
interference and adjacent metal effects from Bluetooth wireless topology and
induction power supplied to the rotor; rated capacity up to 8000Nm, rated speed
up to 7000 RPM; encapsulated power rotor eliminating installation damage; and SAE
4340 alloy steel construction with satin nickel finish.

Model 8670 sensors are available in DIN flange
mounting configurations. Optional dual range with up to 5:1 high-to-low bridge
ratio is available within the same package along with custom designs, sizes and

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