Bestech now distributing Rockwell hardness testers

Bestech Australia announces the new Versitron Series Rockwell hardness
testers designed to provide users the benefits of the top-loading and test
surface referencing technology. An exclusive hardness testing system, the Versitron
Series saves time by applying both the pre-load and full load in one test cycle,
allowing the test to be performed in as little as four seconds.

Distributed by Bestech Australia, the Versitron Series hardness testing
machines are ideal for versatile applications ranging from high volume to
sampling tests, harsh production floor environments to laboratories, and
awkward shaped parts to precise small parts testing.

An inherent feature of the Rockwell hardness tester is its clamping
ability, which enables the user to clamp and hold parts in place prior to
testing with up to 325 Nm torque. The use of clamping instead of jack screws or
cutting specimens improves test accuracy and reduces testing time. The removable
clamping shield also protects the diamond indenter from being struck by the
specimen during handling, preventing damage caused by test samples shifting
under load.

Key features of Versitron Series Rockwell hardness testers include full colour,
icon driven display facilitating intuitive navigation; test results shown in
large font size for easy reading; dirt and oil resistant display allowing simple
cleaning; BT130 interface designed to last in harsh environments; and
user-friendly operation with easy access to on-screen test results.

The entire load system is modular and self-contained within the test
head, which can easily be exchanged to measure different Rockwell scales.

Versitron hardness testers from Bestech Australia can have different
types of drive options including standard level actuated drive, pneumatic drive
and electric drive. Electric and pneumatic drives can be controlled with a
pushbutton or footswitch. Test results can be exported directly to DataView for
further analysis or as a CSV file.

The Versitron hardness testing system is CE marked and complies with
ASTM E-18, DIN, EN, ISO and other applicable standards.

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