Bestech launches versatile general purpose accelerometer

Bestech Australia presents the Endevco Model 46AXX POD accelerometer, a
general purpose accelerometer designed for versatile mounting configurations. Available
in five sensitivities, the POD accelerometer sensor assemblies are threaded for
easy installation in any of the POD mounts. The POD mounts are available in
five configurations: hex mount, cube mount, triax mount, tri-hex mount, and
cube adhesive mount.

The POD accelerometer sensor assemblies may be mixed and matched in any
of the POD mounts, with lock wire holes in the POD sensor assembly and mounting
bases preventing the POD accelerometer from coming loose during vibration for extra

POD mounts such as the hex and cube mounts are used for traditional
single axis measurements while the triaxial mount allows the user to select the
same or different sensitivities on each orthogonal axis. The tri-hex is recommended
for users that do not know the correct accelerometer sensitivity for the test
as it allows them to thread three different POD accelerometer sensor assemblies
in a single mount.

Key features of Endevco Model 46AXX POD accelerometers include versatility
in mounting configurations and sensitivities; single and triaxial mounting configurations;
mix and match sensitivities in any configuration (10, 25, 100, 500, 1000 mV/g);
stud or adhesive mount; case isolated and case grounded mounts; and IEEE
P1451.4 TEDS capability.

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