Bestech launches inductive linear sensors for high pressure, subsea hydraulic cylinders position feedback

The new SS-7 series LVIT (Linear Variable Inductive Transducer) from Bestech Australia is designed for subsea environments and the demands of oil and gas

The new SS-7 displacement sensors from Bestech Australia combine ruggedness,
ease of installation and the ability to simply set the end points in the field,
lowering cost of ownership without sacrificing accuracy specifications. Designed
to be embedded into a hydraulic cylinder, the SS-7 displacement sensor utilises
the gun-drilled piston rod as a target, sensing its position without the need
for a magnet.

The SS-7 series inductive linear sensors from Bestech Australia can be
submerged to a depth of 12,000 feet or installed in a PBOF (pressure balanced
oil filled) chamber to provide position feedback on blow out preventers, ROVs
and relief valves.

Key features of the new SS-7 displacement sensors include 316 stainless
steel 25mm diameter housing; measurement ranges from 1 to 24 inches (25 to 600
mm); operating to 5200 psi or 12,000 feet (3000m) depth; contactless design
eliminating wear-out; DC voltage or current analogue output; and SenSet field
adjustable scaling.

The compact 25.4mm diameter sensor head makes efficient use of space,
mounting with a common male O-ring SAE-8 port thread, and has an excellent
stroke-to-length ratio.

Using a simple coil design, SS-7 displacement sensors are based on
contactless LVIT inductive sensing technology that employs a solid probe
construction style requiring only a simple conductive tubular target or a small
diameter gun drilled hole in the cylinder rod for operation.

The SS-7 series, and its sister products ME-7,
MR-7, and MHP-7, can withstand intense shock and vibration, and operating
temperatures up to 105¡C with the extended range option. 

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