Bestech develops USB powered DAQ for accelerometers

Bestech Australia introduces the 3340 G-Logger, a low-cost USB powered
data acquisition system from Silicon Designs, featuring powerful FFT analysis
and display capabilities typically found in more expensive systems.

Bestech’s Model 3340 is a portable three-channel DAQ system designed to
optimise the low-noise performance characteristics of single and triaxial
variable capacitance MEMS accelerometer modules with analogue output and 8-32
VDC excitation.

The G-Logger offers 16-bit data acquisition, with data rates of 1 to 10k
samples per second per axis, through each of its available input

Key features of Silicon Designs’ Model 3340 G-Logger include simple and
intuitive user interface built on an NI LabVIEW platform for ease of use;
real-time data acquisition and readout capabilities with live streaming;
real-time pause, scroll back and rewind; SD-card recording of up to 32 GB,
multi-speed recording playback; remote operation via TCP; and average system
setup time less than five minutes.

Optional offset settings allow for a staggered display without overlap.
An additional independent scale G/Div is available per channel, with settings
that can shrink or expand channel input for better visibility. Data output is
displayed over a time range from 100 ms to two minutes.

Model 3340 accelerometer data loggers allow for simple G readings, with
real-time ability to hide or show any or all of the three measurement channels.
Users may view accelerometer performance data from any remote network location.

The USB-powered portable data acquisition system offers several benefits
including ability to run off internal battery power in standalone mode, as well
as external power from various sources such as back up power packs, AC power,
or even some solar power systems. Data acquisitions can be started and stopped
with button presses and/or a customisable schedule. The DAQ system can also be
configured to collect information on peak events with users allowed to retrieve
a list of peak events and view event data in any of the display modes.

Users can also optionally add a GPS module and configure Model 3340 to
collect GPS data along with accelerometer data. Each G-Logger is shipped
preconfigured with all necessary Silicon Designs’ accelerometer specifications,
along with accompanying software. Software is fully compatible with Windows XP,
Vista, 7 and 8 PCs, laptops, and notebooks.

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