Bestech announces remote control vehicles for pipeline inspections featuring scanCONTROL laser scanner

Pipeline inspections are being carried out automatically using a special
vehicle equipped with a scanCONTROL laser scanner from Micro-Epsilon.

Designed to inspect the inside of pipelines for deformations and cracks,
the laser scanner-equipped mobile device is used in harsh environmental
conditions and high ambient temperatures such as deserts. These remote control
vehicles are ideally suited for the automatic inspection and recording of
measured data.

Safety regulations mandate regular inspection of the internal parts of
pipelines as any deformation can lead to cracks, which can cause complete pipe
failure and even personal injury. The critical factor in pipelines is the weld

German company DEKRA developed the fully automatic vehicle that combines
visual inspection and geometrical measurements performed by a scanCONTROL laser
scanner from Micro-Epsilon.

Designed to meet different environmental conditions across the world,
the remote pipeline inspection vehicle is protected against sand, dust and
ambient temperatures up to 100¡C. Using a fifth wheel on the top of the vehicle
pressed against the roof of the pipeline, the ROV is capable of travelling up a
high gradient of around ±45¡. All data output can be logged and used to trigger
an alarm as soon as an anomaly is found in the geometry of the pipeline.

Micro-Epsilon’s scanCONTROL laser scanners are available in Australia
from Bestech Australia.

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