Bathurst panel manufacturer installs large Ezi-Duct dust collection system

Ezi-Duct designed, supplied and installed a large dust collection system
at a new panel manufacturing factory in Bathurst NSW for dust extraction. The
dust collection system consisted of a dust collector, modular ducting and
flexible ducting.

The large panel manufacturer located in the Central Western NSW city of
Bathurst contacted Ezi-Duct when they were moving to their new factory. On the
advice of an experienced Ezi-Duct team member, an economical and energy
efficient solution was installed by Dust Extractor Maintenance, an Ezi-Duct
contractor and reseller. The new dust extraction system included an Australian
designed MDC 36000 P dust collector, Ezi-Duct modular ducting and Ezi-Flex flexible

Machines connected to the new dust collector include two CNC point to
point, two edge banders, one beam saw, two foiling machines, and a panel saw among

Considered the best performing dust collector on the market, the MDC
36000 P dust collector produces a powerful suction of over 36000M³/h @ 3500pa
from its high efficiency 45kW fan. A major advantage of this dust collector is
that the top quality filter bags are automatically and continuously cleaned during
operation with a fully automatic compressed air cleaning system. This ensures
the dust collector is running at peak efficiency at all times.

Working under negative pressure, the MDC 36000 P dust collector also
ensures no dirty air or wood chips (or blocks) pass through the fan. All the waste
goes into the dust collector’s hopper and is deposited directly into a 3m¬≥
waste bin via an Ezi-Duct rotary valve. The dust collector continues to operate
while the bin is being emptied, with the waste allowed to build up in the hopper
and discharged when the waste bin is returned, saving valuable production time.

Ezi-Duct modular ducting provides market-leading airflow and is made
from heavy duty galvanised steel with bends of smooth pressed construction of
1.5 CLR. Ezi-Duct is a proud Australian manufacturer, producing their modular
ducting in Australia at one of their three factories located in Melbourne,
Sydney and Brisbane.

Ezi-Flex flexible ducting is made by Norres of Germany. As the Gold
Partner for Norres flexible ducting in Australia, Ezi-Duct carries a huge range
of Ezi-Flex products ex-stock at their branches located in Melbourne, Sydney
and Brisbane.

Ezi-Duct can also custom design and build dust extraction systems to
meet their customers’ specific requirements.

As Australia’s leader in the field of dust collection and fume
extraction equipment, Ezi-Duct offers dust collectors, fume extractors, spray
booths, rotary valves and vehicle exhaust hose reels among many more products.

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