Automating prestart checks to vehicles and equipment with inspection app

Paper-based systems can be very inefficient and time-consuming when performing
prestart checks on heavy vehicles, plant and equipment. Maintaining the paperwork,
which often requires filing and retrieving previously completed reports in a
timely and efficient manner can be difficult. The over-reliance on human inputs
can lead to errors in the field, resulting in particular items on the safety
checklist being missed, omitted or even ignored.

Advancements in mobile technology are helping users switch over from
paper-based inspections to automated processes using their smartphones or
tablets and an inspection app designed specifically to conduct prestart safety
checks in the field. The combination of a mobile device and an inspection app
completely eliminates the need for paperwork and any additional data entry or
filing processes.

Using the inbuilt camera and microphone on their mobile devices, inspectors,
drivers or operators can capture and edit photographs as well as add audio
notes to their inspection app. Barcode scanners can be used to identify the
appropriate equipment and the report cannot be completed unless all items on
the paperless checklist have been addressed.

On completion of the prestart check, the report is sent wirelessly to a
central database. The database can be accessed via any web browser and
corrective actions and reports can be printed or automatically emailed to the
appropriate personnel with all the information and photos required to rectify
or correct the deficiency.

All completed reports are securely stored in the database and can be
efficiently and quickly retrieved during an audit.

The inspection app from Techs4Biz Australia can
be customised or configured to any existing inspection process.

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