Australian made permanent self-cleaning over-belt magnet provides relief for local quarry

Magnet Sales Australia supplied a permanent self-cleaning over-belt magnet to an Albion Park NSW-based quarry to minimise damage to downstream equipment.

Magnetic separation has been widely used for many years to protect vital process equipment downstream, separate products for sale, reduce machine maintenance, and improve productivity, among others. 

The Cleary Bros quarry consulted with Magnet Sales Australia about purchasing a suitable permanent self-cleaning over-belt magnet, also referred to as an over-band magnet or suspension magnet.

The magnet supplied by Magnet Sales Australia is meeting the needs of the quarry by extracting large amounts of steel that could otherwise damage downstream equipment.

Installed above the conveyor at an operating height of 250mm with the semi-crushed rock fed onto the conveyor running at around 2m/sec, the magnet is automatically activated when the rock is loaded onto the conveyor. Any tramp collected with the rock is picked up by the magnet, while the self-cleaning belt will divert the tramp in the direction of the tramp bin. 

Since the tramp and quarry rock have been separated, the crusher cannot be damaged by the tramp metal. The tramp metal separated by the magnet collects in the bin, resulting in recyclable steel ready for sale. 

Magnet Sales Australia supplies various sizes and types of magnets used for separation, including permanent or electromagnets ranging in size to suit 60mm belts to 2000mm wide belts.

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