Aussie Pumps releases new high pressure steam cleaner for urban spaces

Australian Pump Industries announces the launch of a revolutionary new
high pressure steam cleaner designed for heavy duty urban cleaning applications.
Built by Hydrotek, with significant contribution from Aussie Pumps engineers, the
SCX Hydro ‘Hush’ Series offers 4,000 psi pressure, 121¡C steam and low noise operation
at around 74 dBA at 7 metres.

Built for high pressure cleaning in urban spaces, the SCX Hydro ‘Hush’
Series consists of a heavy duty Bertolini triplex pump that delivers a whopping
20 lpm flow at 4,000 psi combined with Hydrotek’s unique diesel powered high
pressure boiler system. The entire unit is powered by a 3-cylinder Kubota water
cooled diesel engine that develops 14_ kilowatts at 3200 rpm.

Key features and advantages of the SCX Hydro ‘Hush’ Series high pressure
steam cleaners include heavy duty components allowing trouble-free operation in
harsh and remote environments; optional 12-volt heating system efficiently heating
up to 121¡C to remove stubborn grease, graffiti or chewing gum; extra-large
stainless steel frame allowing for high capacity fuel tanks and easy access to
all components; and panel mounted indicator lights monitoring engine
temperature and oil pressure conditions.

The noise reduction in the steam cleaner is achieved through a
combination of multiple components including a custom designed muffler that
goes on the engine exhaust, significantly reducing the engine dB; a 3-piece
stainless steel panel kit that completely encloses the machine and is backed by
high density insulation that covers the entire unit to absorb the noise,
reducing the sound produced by the pressure washer; and an insulation-covered
underside to complete the noise dampening process.

In terms of maintenance, the high pressure steam cleaner has been designed
to provide easy access to the radiator for topping up the water without having
to remove any panels. The SCX series is equipped with a warning light on the
panel that indicates low oil or high water temperature but does not
automatically shut off; however, an optional high temp shut off is also available.

Test documentation is available covering all of the tests on the machine
from Australian Pump Industries. API will soon be in production with trailer
mounted versions complete with on-board water tanks to allow mobile cleaning to
be carried out quietly.

Aussie Pump’s Chief Engineer, John Hales observes that the Aussie
Hydrotek SCX silenced unit is much more compact than the big sound enclosed
cabinets most commonly used to silence diesel engine operated equipment. The
company is now working on a new version that will run with a 110-volt on-board
generator capable of powering a vacuum cleaner for ‘Clean and Capture’ versions
of the same product.

More information is available on the Australian
Pump website at

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