Aussie Pumps releases new 100 bar portable hydrostatic tester for water pipes

Australian Pump Industries announces a new portable hydrostatic tester
designed for simple and quick leak detection and checking the integrity of
water pipes.

The new Aussie BB100HTP, Aussie Pumps’ new portable hydrostatic tester is
a 100 bar (1400 psi) electric machine. It is compact and cost-effective, and
set to become the standard maintenance kit in processing plants, beverage
factories and water works.

Aussie Pumps product manager Hamish Lorenz explains that leakage from
bad joints, corroded pipes or leaking valves can cause a huge amount of expensive
damage. The new 100 bar tester simplifies detection of leaks and allows hidden
pipes inside buildings or underground to be tested easily.

The tester consists of a reliable high pressure triplex pump powered by
a heavy duty 2.2kW four pole single phase electric motor. The electric
operation is particularly useful in testing indoors with easy access to power
connections. The unit is also quiet and doesn’t produce exhaust fumes.

The machine features a double gauge and double valve system that enables
the pressure to be locked off in the line after pressurisation. Both the pump
and line pressures can be monitored continuously and simultaneously.

The testers are equipped with an infinitely variable pressure regulation
valve, which is set by the user to the pressure the kit is required to reach. Once
the system has reached the testing pressure the operator locks off the valves
isolating the test piece. After a mandatory period of static test the operator
can clearly see if pressure has been maintained.

Built tough and incorporating simple instructions and safety features,
the portable hydrostatic testers come fitted with safety valves that protect
both the machine and the operator in the event of an accidental pressure spike.

Aussie Pumps’ new portable hydrostatic tester is also used for hydro
testing boilers, pressure vessels, pumps, valves and fire mains. A gun/hose kit
that enables the machine to double as a handy washdown unit is available

Australian Pump is Australia’s leading manufacturer of hydrostatic
testers and builds machines for use in applications of up to 7,000 psi (500 bar). 

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