Aussie Pumps now distributing Metrex Valve thermostatic and pressure actuated valves

Australian Pump Industries announces the release of a new range of thermostatic
and pressure actuated valves from Metrex Valve.

Metrex Valve’s new thermostatic and pressure actuated valves are
designed to address challenges faced by system designers when maintaining temperature
control in heat recovery applications.

Distributed in Australia by Australian Pump Industries, the new thermostatic
and pressure actuated valves deliver significant advantages over existing control
valves in the market.

A major advantage of a correctly selected Metrex valve is true ‘set and
forget’ simplicity. These valves derive their operating force directly from
changes occurring within the system being controlled, with no sensors to drift
out of calibration, control instrumentation to malfunction or electrical power
to fail.

Metrex Valve’s new thermostatic and pressure actuated valves find wide
application in defence and commercial marine chilled water and air conditioning
systems, and are available in configurations capable of handling both fresh water
and seawater. The marine version has a bronze alloy construction with Monel
trim parts. Metrex’s valves are used by Australia’s FFG and ANZAC class frigates.

Australian Pump Industries is collaborating with Metrex engineers to
develop a cast 316 stainless steel version for specific applications.

All Metrex valves incorporate three essential components that work in
combination to modulate the flow of water. These include a stemmed plug and
seat that opens and closes allowing more or less water to flow through according
to the amount and direction of the positioning force; an actuating pressure
element such as a diaphragm or bellows to transform the pressure of the
actuating refrigerant into a positioning force acting on the valve’s stem; and a
modulating spring that develops a counter force opposite in direction and equal
in magnitude to any force that compresses the spring.

Metrex also manufactures ammonia compatible valves available with water
pressures of 150 to 500 psi, and designed in 2-way or 3-way configurations.

Australian Pump Industries maintains a service station
at their Castle Hill, Sydney head office to service Metrex valves used in
marine and defence applications.

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