Aussie Pump releases new high capacity range of Drought Buster pumps

Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of high capacity Kubota powered Drought
Buster pumps with fast self-priming capabilities.

Based on the popular
Aussie Quik Prime design principles, the new range of high capacity 3″ and 4″
Kubota powered Drought Buster pumps provides huge flows and enables vertical
lifts of up to 8.4 metres from creeks, rivers and dams.

The pumps are powered
by Kubota’s 9.5 hp OC95 electric start air and oil cooled diesel engines. The
oil and air cooled design allows the engine to run cooler than conventional air
cooled engines, and offer quieter performance as well as excellent fuel

The 4″ pumps deliver
a whopping 1,600 lpm and delivery heads of up to 28 metres at over 40 psi,
making them ideal for fast filling of water carts or transferring big volumes.

Based on the same
basic pump design as the 4″ pump but with 3″ ports, the 3″ model delivers 1,300
lpm matched to a higher head of 30 metres at 43 psi.

Both the 3″ and 4″
pumps use the same Kubota engine, match tested and approved. The new pumps offer
versatile application from construction site dewatering jobs to high flow water
transfers, moving water from dam to dam to maximise farm efficiency.

Key features of the
new Aussie Pump self priming pumps include big, open high SG cast iron
impellers suitable for passing small solids in suspension; heavy duty
mechanical carbon/ceramic seals fitted as standard with Buna N Nitrile
elastomers; big Aussie gusher casings made from high quality marine grade
aluminium; and Aussie Pump’s unique 5-year warranty on the pump, and Kubota’s
2-year warranty on the engines.

Supplied with super
heavy duty galvanised steel roll frames and galvanised steel sub bases with anti-vibration
mounts as standard, the new high flow pumps are all carefully match tested to
Kubota’s stringent requirement to ensure that the engines are not overloaded and
are able to work well within their capacity.

Aussie Pump Product
Manager Brad Farrugia observes that the Kubota runs as smooth as silk, even
under load, thanks to its advanced cooling three Vortex system that combines an
oil cooled combustion chamber and an air cooled cylinder.

Australia’s Kubota
operation is supporting Australian Pump Industries with a partnering programme
aimed at producing a great product at a realistic price. This partnership
enables farmers and contractors to buy pumps at prices significantly lower than
other air cooled diesel drive pumps on the market.

Farrugia adds that
the Kubota engines represent great value for money with their diesel fuel
economy being matched only by the real economics of pumping large quantities of
water at the lowest cost per litre of fuel.

Kubota offers a
complete domestic and international support programme for the Aussie Pump
package with professional distributors all over the country able to provide
service, both in and out of warranty. A low cost maintenance kit to simplify engine
servicing is also available from Australian Pump.

A free informative guide on the selection of the
right Aussie QP Kubota powered pump is available from the Australian Pump website
and Aussie Gold Distributors around the country.

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