Aussie Hydro Hush for super quiet steam cleaning of cities

Australian Pump Industries presents the Hydro Hush, a new innovation designed
to benefit councils in their urban cleaning tasks.

As the name suggests, Aussie Pumps’ Hydro Hush is a super quiet steam
cleaning machine offering real benefits in city cleaning applications. Many councils
and contractors around Australia have already opted for the ‘clean and capture’
versions of this 4,000 psi steam cleaner. Apart from the ‘Loop’ version, which
allows the operator to work on the ‘clean and capture’ concept, the machine’s
low noise level means it can operate during off-peak traffic and pedestrian

Aussie Pumps Product Manager, Mal Patel observes that users of the Hydro
Hush are realising the big benefits of these machines with cityscapes becoming
cleaner. High use areas such as plazas and outdoor eating areas can be easily
cleaned by the machine’s 4,000 psi steam capabilities, he added.

Key features of the Hydro Hush steam cleaners include Kubota water
cooled diesel engine; 1,000-litre water tank for use in areas where mains water
pressure is insufficient; ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini heavy duty triplex pump
developing a whopping 20 lpm at 4,000 psi; and a burner unit enabling the
operator to infinitely adjust temperature from ambient (cold water) to
temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius.

Hydro-Loop can carry out tasks such as graffiti removal, cleaning
council-owned amenities or even council-operated recreational spaces with BBQs
and picnic areas.

According to Patel, when high temperature is applied with pressure to
graffiti, it just peels it off the wall. The steam cleaners are also ideal for
council jobs such as sanitising amenity areas and sports facilities, or
removing oil stains from council-owned car parks.

In its Hydro Hush-Loop configuration, the unit can also collect the
wastewater and recycle it through the 1,000-litre tank. The low noise machine
is ideal for cleaning the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House late at night or
in the early hours of the morning without disturbing local residents.

Aussie Pumps has used a high-tech engineering approach to develop
stainless steel panels that absorb the noise without overheating the engine or
machine. Patel notes that this is an important advantage as they can achieve
the low noise level without running the risk of breakdowns due to lack of
airflow around the machine.

Australian Pump Industries runs council education days at their Castle
Hill facility in Sydney and invites councils to contact them to book in for the
next training demonstration day of this unique product.

For more information, please visit the Aussie Pumps website

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