ATDC’s smart security doors and security shutters for 24-hour retailers

The Australian Trellis Door Company presents a unique range of smart
security doors and security shutters that combine assured protection with
aesthetic appeal in 24-hour retail applications. The cost-effective range of
security doors and barriers meets the needs of retail store owners who have
limited budgets for store fitouts.

The Australian Trellis Door Co’s (ATDC) ‘smart’ security doors and security
shutters are preferred by various retailers for a number of reasons including
cost effectiveness; visual appeal, being almost invisible during trading hours;
ability to overcome egress restrictions under the Building Code of Australia; ability
to span any width uninterrupted; accommodating unusual shapes, curves and
configurations; no headroom requirement; maximum ventilation; and
provision for keyless entry for after hour access.

These advantages have set up ATDC as a leading supplier of security doors for retail stores in shopping centres, malls, arcades, strip
retail, kiosks and pop-up stores as well as for securing showrooms, warehouses,
loading docks, offices, reception and bar counters, schools, hospitals, pubs
and hotels, gyms and fitness centres, airports, railways and various government

ATDC supplied their fold away security barriers/doors and expandable
security doors for about 20 stores at the Westfield Miranda during their recent
upgrade as well as for Westfield’s operations management
and the Westfield security division who were seeking greater access control to food courts, escalators, travellators and mall entries.

ATDC’s smart security doors and security barriers also allow for keyless
entry for after hour access, making them particularly attractive for use in the
multitude of 24-hour gyms and fitness centres opening all over Australia. ATDC engineers
have designed modified mag locks that accommodate personal swipe cards for
electronic access afterhours. Customers including Golds Gym, World Gym, Club
Lime and many others have chosen ATDC’s keyless entry security doors.

ATDC’s smart range of retractable, expandable security doors is now
available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and

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