ATDC’s S08 curved security doors for commercial applications

The S08 curved security doors from The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC)
are very popular in the Australian commercial marketplace amongst specifiers, developers,
landlords and other property owners.

Featuring a robust steel construction, these sliding curved security
shutters are suspended from a heavy duty support track and can be arched around
a 90-degree angle through a 600mm radius. The S08 curved security doors are
proving to be very effective in securing curved apertures such as countertops, reception
areas, serveries, restaurants and cafes, and hotel and office lobbies among many
more applications.

ATDC’s S08 security doors can also be supplied in S-shaped configurations. They are
ideal for ventilation and free flow of fresh air. A user-friendly seamless
lockup solution is provided through a series of up/down locking mechanisms. Available
up to a height of 4100mm with unlimited span, these security doors don’t
require a floor track or any cumbersome removable mullions.

ATDC also offers their FC1
aluminium curved security shutters as an option to the curved S08 steel
security shutters. The aluminium security doors are available up to a height of
4500mm with different panel width options (300mm, 200mm and 150mm). Infill
material options include a solid translucent polycarbonate or a ventilated
perforated mesh.

ATDC can be contacted toll free on 1800657435 from anywhere in

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