ATDC’s rapid roll high speed doors for cold storages

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) offers a wide range of rapid
roll high speed doors suitable for cold storage environments prevalent in food
manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and a few logistics facilities among others.

Cold storage facilities are designed to keep heat out and cold air contained
inside the room. Traditionally, these facilities use heavy, insulated solid
doors that generally open to the side to allow access in and out of the storage
room. However, being heavy, these doors are slow to move and allow the cold air
inside the room to escape, leading to problems with temperature control. Consequently,
higher energy loads are required to maintain the cold storage environment,
which comes at a financial cost to the operator of the facility.

Rapid roll high speed doors are increasingly being seen as an effective
alternative to heavy insulated doors in such environments. These high speed doors
are designed to move fast, assisting with temperature control by preventing
cold air from escaping when the door is operated.

Rapid roll high speed doors have considerable insulation and sealing
characteristics, further aiding temperature control. The automated doors are
integrated with safety features such as motion sensors to avoid hitting
obstacles in their path, keeping both people and forklifts safe from accidents.

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