ATDC develops unique range of security doors for reception counters, canteens, bars and serveries

The Australian Trellis Door Company (ATDC) has introduced a new range of
security doors specifically designed to secure reception counters, canteens, bars
and serveries.

ATDC’s barriers are ideal for securing countertops including ones with curved
shapes as these security doors can traverse a 90-degree angle over a tight 600mm radius turn. Designed
to accommodate countertops of various shapes, the security doors can also
secure L-shaped benchtops with their ability to meet at right angles (or any

Up/down keyturn shootbolt locking mechanisms provide a seamless
unobstructed lock-up solution, eliminating the need for unsightly permanent
lock posts and clumsy and cumbersome removable mullions.

In applications where no support structure is available to fix the
barrier to, ATDC offers trackless security doors as an option. The security
doors are also available in a double diamond lattice design, which pitches the
cross metal linkages very tightly together to restrict persons reaching through
the security door to access valuable items.

The concertina design of ATDC’s security doors allows them to be folded sideways
out of the way and kept out of sight when not in use, making them almost
invisible during trading hours.

Representing a valuable inventory control tool for loss prevention, ATDC’s
security doors are constructed from precision engineered steel sections and
finished in a high quality powder coat, creating a formidable deterrent against
attempted break-and-enters.

ATDC’s security doors are available for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane,
Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Darwin as well as in all regional towns across Australia.
ATDC’s security doors are also suitable for securing shopfronts, heritage buildings, clubs,
restaurants, hotels, warehouses, sports stadiums and airports as well as
residential applications such as patio and French doors, or sliding glass doors
and windows.

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