Applied Measurement releases the new quartz flexure accelerometer QFA-150 Series

Applied Measurement Australia has added the new QFA-150 Series standard
accelerometer to its force balanced quartz flexure offering from Jewell.

Featuring mid-temperature range quartz technology that provides high
accuracy, repeatability and stability for demanding environments, the QFA-150 sensors
incorporate a built-in self-test system and offer versatile installation
options with round or square mounting flanges.

Key benefits of Jewell’s QFA-150 Series quartz flexure accelerometers
also include a small and compact design allowing them to fit into any space; and
high temperature resistance up to 150¡C operating range helping them withstand
harsh environment applications involving rail maintenance track geometry, wind
tunnel testing, 3D modelling equipment for large scale surveys, marine
instrumentation and borehole mapping among many more.

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