Applied Measurement releases latest miniature piezoelectric accelerometers from DJB Instruments

Applied Measurement Australia announces the launch of two new
accelerometers from DJB Instruments.

An industry leader in piezoelectric accelerometers, DJB has now
introduced two new sensors, the tri-axial AT/10 and the single axis A/127/V,
featuring a complete redesign, weighing just 6.9gm and 1.9gm respectively, and offering
an increased temperature range while maintaining accuracy.

The latest miniature piezoelectric accelerometers from DJB are designed for
applications that demand reliability and toughness. Key applications include modal
analysis of lightweight structures; shock and impact testing; ballistic testing;
high vibration automotive and aerospace testing; and vibration response changes
at different temperatures (185¡C for HT model).

Featuring fully welded titanium housings, the sensors are fitted with
DJB’s unique KONIC sensing elements making them rugged, low mass and sensitive enough
to be used in applications that require high vibration sensitivity. The intrinsically
safe design also allows these units to be used in hazardous and explosive environments
while also having a temperature threshold of 185¡C.

Both AT/10 and A/127/V sensors are available in standard or high
temperature versions with sensitivities up to 100mV/g; associated cables can be
made to customer specifications for any length.

AT/10 miniature tri-axial IEPE

Key featuresinclude three
fully independent ceramic KONIC shear sensing elements allowing for improved
reliability and stability when compared to single ceramic designs; high
temperature electronics; three independent sensing elements; compact design;
and excellent quality, reliability, performance and price.

A/127/V miniature uni-axial IEPE

This single axis unit’s low mass (1.9g) renders
it almost invisible to most lightweight structure vibration measurement
applications while offering high frequency response and excellent reliability. 

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