AMS releases new climate controlled food storage systems with humidity modules

Michell’s I7000 humidity and temperature modules have been integrated by
a leading manufacturer of climate-controlled food storage systems within their
products to ensure reliable temperature and humidity control.

Suppliers of fine wines and imported foods are constantly challenged by
the demands of storing and transporting perishable items effectively and with
the minimum of wastage.

Michell’s I7000 Hygrosmart relative humidity and temperature sensors provide
highly reliable and accurate measurements of these key parameters to ensure
food is kept fresh and in good condition.

Key capabilities of the sensors include accuracy to ±2%RH and ±0.2¡C;
long-term stability delivered with less than 1% RH drift over a year to
maintain ideal storage conditions; robust and compact in size for easy interchangeability;
and simple plug-and-play system enabling users to maintain the accuracy of
their RH and temperature measurements in the storage units themselves.

Supplied fully calibrated with a traceable calibration certificate, Michell’s
Hygrosmart I7000 humidity and temperature modules are available in Australia
from AMS Instrumentation and Calibration.

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