AMS releases Michell precision moisture analyser

AMS Instrumentation and Calibration announces the release of a new range
of precision moisture analysers from Michell Instruments designed for high
accuracy, minimal maintenance and low-lifetime cost.

Michell’s new QMA401 precision moisture analysers feature the latest
generation quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor, ensuring consistently
accurate measurements of trace moisture. The QMA401 achieves this consistency
via a self-calibration system, which adjusts the analyser against an internal
moisture generator. Long-term stability of these measurement corrections is
guaranteed, as the moisture generator is supplied with a calibration traceable
to NPL and NIST.

The new precision moisture analysers are simple and economical to
maintain with no service required for two years, at which point the desiccant
dryer must be replaced, which can be carried out by the user in less than 10
minutes. The internal moisture generator can be replaced in the field with a
freshly calibrated unit from the factory after three years of operation.

Michell’s new QMA401 precision moisture analysers combine long
maintenance intervals with competitively priced spares to reduce overall
lifetime cost; the cost of owning a QMA401 over five years is less than half
the cost of owning the leading competing product.

Key features of Michell’s new QMA401 precision moisture analysers
include ease of operation with intuitive touch screen interface for monitoring,
logging and configuring parameters; both real-time trend graphs and alarm
indicators immediately visible in colour on the main display; and supplied with
analogue outputs as well as USB and Ethernet digital connectivity, allowing remote
monitoring and control via a network.

The QMA401 precision moisture analyser finds use in applications
requiring trace moisture measurements in gases with high accuracy and fast
response; these include verifying the purity of semiconductor plasma etching
gases, monitoring polymer drying for plastic bottle manufacture and monitoring
hydrogen cooling systems for power generators.

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