Allplastics helps UNSW racing team by routing honeycomb panels

UNSW Redback Racing relies on Allplastics Engineering for the CNC
routing of panels used in the design of their formula racing car.

Redback Racing is the University of New South Wales Formula SAE Team consisting
of around 40 undergraduate students from a range of degrees. Each year, the team
designs and manufactures an open-wheel formula racing car for entry into the
Formula SAE-Australasia Competition. The project allows students to apply their
curricular teachings within the university in a fast-paced, practical and
exciting environment.

The monocoque chassis design is constructed using an aluminium-honeycomb
composite panel; UNSW Redback Racing is one of a handful of teams worldwide to
manufacture a vehicle using these techniques. The monocoque chassis is
constructed by routing the required designs out of full panels before folding
and bonding them into the required shape. As a result, the team is able to
achieve a stiffer, lighter and easier to manufacture chassis through an
economical process.

UNSW Redback Racing has been relying on Allplastics Engineering to route
their panels for some years. Allplastics’ CNC routing machines have been found ideal
for this application with their ability to produce a high quality product for
the team, says Redback Racing Team member, Nidhiroy Singh.

Allplastics Engineering specialises in the
machining, CNC routing and fabrication of architectural, building and engineering
plastics. The company also stocks a range of composite panels such as PEP Core
and AIRBOARD translucent decorative panels as well as aluminium composite panels.

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