Allplastics brings vibrant colour to school playground

Allplastics Engineering was engaged by Dee
Why School in Sydney’s Northern Beaches district to create a colourful
surrounding for the students’ playground.

Allplastics supplied and cut the colourful acrylic
panels, which were professionally installed by LaCava Concepts to add a stunning
and vibrant edge to the school playground.

Allplastics collaborated with LaCava to
select the most appropriate materials and custom-fabricate the panels according
to the site requirements. To create the colourful surround, tinted acrylic sheets were utilised on the outer perimeter of the fence and abrasion resistant polycarbonate clear panels on the inside perimeter.

Acrylic panels stand out for their outstanding
weather resistance with no discolouration, which combined with impact
resistance and optical performance, make them suitable for a wide range of
applications. The inner polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and protects the
tinted acrylic panels from ball games and accidental contact. The
abrasion-resistant coating maintains the clarity of the polycarbonate while
also providing extra UV protection against sunlight in the summer months.

The school authorities were extremely
impressed with the results and the expertise of the installer in achieving the
desired outcome. Arianne McCombie, Special Ed teacher at DET gave positive
feedback with the words, “Absolutely thrilled with the work. It looks fabulous!
The staff and students love it!”

Allplastics stocks, fabricates and supplies
Australia’s widest range of niche architectural and practical building
plastics. If you want to add more colour to your design, let Allplastics
provide you with the distinctive edge.

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