Agriculture inspections using modern tools

Agriculture is a major industry in Australia with agricultural produce
being one of its biggest exports.

Farms cover approximately 60% of Australia’s total landmass, according
to the latest estimates. Changing environments, both natural and within the
industry are responsible for the increasing adoption of modern technologies in
farming practices.

New tools and machinery require documentation, certification and
inspection, with government and industry regulations constantly changing to
meet new challenges. In an increasingly tech-dependent environment, printed
inspection checklists have become outdated and modern inspection solutions are
needed for modern times. Agriculture inspections can benefit from transitioning
to digital software.

Paperless inspection checklists represent a powerful tool for users with
their comprehensive features helping inspectors overcome the many drawbacks of
printed checklists.

Agriculture inspection can take advantage of quick and easy customisable
checklists, online syncing of data and in-depth analysis. This works for
pre-start checks for machinery, as well as certification and quality assurance.
Inspectors in the field can gather data using the checklist on their mobile
devices and instantly send it back to the office, without having to travel
extensive lengths to coordinate records. Since the inspection data is stored in
compressed files on the in-house or cloud based server, the cumbersome problem
of archiving large inspection volumes is eliminated.

Key benefits of agriculture

Reference material

Many tools and equipment require the aid of manuals, guidance and
regulations during inspection. Contemporary inspection software lets any kind
of material be attached to checklists such as drawings, photos, documents and

Offline mode

Since agricultural land spans large expanses in the remote areas of Australia,
a stable internet connection isn’t always guaranteed. The offline mode allows all
data to be recorded, and synced quickly with the server once an internet
connection is established. This enables inspections to be done onsite without
any hassle.

GPS tracking

With Australia’s farmland spread across 60% of the country, variation in
conditions and climate can affect the equipment and inspections. Accurate GPS
timestamps allow users to record the positioning and time of the inspection for

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