AFL FlexScan OTDR upgraded with FleXpress test mode

AFL Telecommunications announces the release of FleXpress test mode, the
latest software upgrade for AFL FlexScan OTDR, in the ANZ region.

FlexScan OTDRs allow technicians – regardless of their expertise – to quickly
and reliably troubleshoot optical networks or fully characterise newly
installed or repaired networks. Using FlexScan’s innovative SmartAuto mode,
multi-pulse OTDR scans quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify and
measure network components and faults.

The new FleXpress test mode enables dual-wavelength network verification
in less than five seconds per fibre, compared to about a full minute with
previous applications.

Key features of AFL’s FleXpress test mode include automated remote
control of AFL optical switches for testing MTP/MPO connections and/or high
fibre count cables; and ability to store test results automatically as .SOR
files, which can be uploaded for reporting using the TRM 2.0 Test Results
Manager software.

FleXpress test mode is available for the FlexScan FS200-300 (High
Dynamic Range, 1310 & 1550nm) and FS200-304 (High Dynamic Range, 1310, 1550
& 1650nm) models.

AFL is offering a FREE FleXpress introductory upgrade with all new
FS200-300 and FS200-304 FlexScan OTDR models until March 31.

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