AFL division achieves milestone 5M safe work hours

AFL’s accessories division reached a record-breaking milestone of
5,000,000 safe work hours, representing more than 20 years without a lost time
accident. This division specialises in the fabrication and assembly of aluminium,
steel and bronze parts for the electrical utility and rail transit markets.
Accessories associates use hand tooling and CNC machinery extensively to create
these heavy parts, exposing them to potential hand injuries every day.

“This is a milestone testament to the hard work and dedication of our
associates to work safely, and AFL’s commitment to our core values through
training and investment in creating a safe work environment,” commented Eric
Borowicz, General Manager for AFL’s accessories division.

Safe work hours equates to the cumulative number of work hours in the
facility since the last event, which resulted in an associate missing a day of
work as a result of a workplace accident.

“Given the type of industrial business this division operates in, this
is an exceptional accomplishment and a great testament to our workforce,”
explained Jody Gallagher, president and CEO of AFL.

AFL provides superior performance and reliability for electric power
utilities and rail companies. Drawing on the experience gained from over 80
years of designing and manufacturing accessory products, AFL helps to improve
the reliability of critical electrical and optical infrastructure used for the
transmission and distribution of electricity.

AFL’s accessories products are manufactured in Duncan, SC in a facility
that is certified to ISO 4001 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

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