Advanced system for simultaneous two-photon microscopy and photoactivation

Scientifica’s HyperScope available from Scitech is a highly advanced multiphoton
imaging system capable of simultaneous two-photon microscopy and photoactivation
in either in vitro or in vivo samples.

A dual scan head in the HyperScope allows two identical light paths to
be manipulated through the microscope. This enables simultaneous two-photon
imaging and photoactivation with exceptional performance.

The various scanning options allow the scan mirrors on the imaging path to
be arranged in multiple configurations depending on specific user requirements.
With three mirrors in series, the user has the option of galvo, resonant or
galvo/resonant arrangements.

The HyperScope optics are coated for wavelengths of 700 to 1400 nm to
allow excitation dyes further into the infrared spectrum and potentially
perform three-photon imaging. This allows greater flexibility for multiphoton
imaging and the ability to image deeper into the sample.

The microscope can be set up with or without substage optics for in
vitro or in vivo samples respectively. For larger in vivo specimens and more
elaborate experimental layouts an extended scan head can be used.

Please visit the Scitech website
for more information or call 03 9480 4999.

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