Adhesive bonded fasteners requiring no welding, drilling or fixturing

Adhesive bonded fasteners available from CGB Precision Products represent a unique
system of fasteners designed to be adhesively bonded to almost any substrate.

Suitable for metal, plastic or composite substrates, this wide range of
fasteners manufactured by Carr Lane includes floating nut plates, studs and lanyard mounts.

At the heart of the adhesive bonded fasteners is the WELD MOUNT No-Slide
Adhesive, a unique structural adhesive specifically formulated as a
high-strength, high-viscosity methacrylate with incredible strength in both
tension and shear, and designed to hold these fasteners without sliding or
sagging even on a vertical or overhead surface, with no need for fixturing.

Adhesive bonded floating nut

Floating nut plates have a captive threaded nut that floats to allow for
accurate bolt alignment. These adhesively bonded nut plates eliminate tapping
and can be used for either through-hole or blind-hole applications. Made of 304
stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance, the floating nut plate
comes with a rubber fixture insert to hold it stationary while it is bonded in
place with acrylic adhesive, keeping the threads clean during installation. The
rubber fixture is removed prior to assembly.

Adhesive bonded studs

Adhesively bonded studs are heavy-duty structural parts that provide
considerable tensile and shear strength. These studs can be attached to
virtually any metal, plastic, or composite surface using Carr Lane’s acrylic adhesive. Made of 304 stainless steel for excellent corrosion
resistance, they can be bonded on the top or bottom surface of the base plate.
The largest two sizes are inertial (friction) welded to a 2″ base plate,
creating a very strong part with 1,200 lbs tensile strength and 1,500 lbs shear

Adhesive bonded lanyard mounts

Heavy-duty lanyard mounts are designed to be bonded with Carr Lane’s acrylic adhesive, eliminating drilling, blocking, and tapping
operations. Providing an excellent average pull strength of 150 lbs, these
lanyard mounts fit wire-rope cable lanyards up to 0.094″ diameter (#3) or wire
ties up to 0.35″ wide (#5).

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