Addressing nitrogen deficiency in soil with Aussie poly pumps

Australian Pump Industries has introduced a new range of poly pumps
designed for safe, fast and efficient pumping of liquid fertilisers in nitrogen
deficient soils.

Checking the soil’s nitrogen level is an important task ahead of sowing
season. Farmers typically combat nitrogen deficiencies by topdressing the soil with
liquid urea based fertilisers soon after sowing early in the season to maximise

Liquid fertilisers offer better coverage than granular fertilisers, and
can be custom brewed to maximise yields. Being corrosive, these fertilisers
need to be handled with the right equipment.

Australian company Australian Pump Industries has developed a range of self
priming centrifugal pumps that address all these challenges while ensuring
optimum distribution of liquid fertilisers in the soil.

Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia explained that a key objective of the
development was to create a pump that was resistant to corrosion, had the right
elastomers to prevent leaks, and wouldn’t react with the chemical being pumped.
Aussie Pumps’ new poly pumps are endorsed by Incitec Pivot for use with their
Easy N fertiliser.

Developed specifically for agricultural chemical applications, the
Aussie Poly Pump range consists of 2″ and 3″ self-priming centrifugal engine
drive pumps built for cost-effectiveness, performance efficiency and long-term reliability.
Made from a polycarbon material developed in the USA for NASA, with 30% glass
filled polyester, the pump is virtually corrosion-free.

The new poly pumps are available in two versions: a 2″ pump handling up
to 835 litres per minute of flow and a big 3″ pump handling up to 1010 litres
per minute of flow. Key features also include choice of petrol, electric or
diesel drive in both versions; Honda engines with extended four-year engine
warranty; seals made from Viton or EPDM elastomers compatible with most liquid
fertilisers; and chemical-resistant stainless steel fasteners provided as standard.

Farrugia underlines the importance of applying nitrogen at the right
time for maximising yields. He explains that farmers looking to maximise
spraying times are choosing the high flow 3″ version for better
efficiency. Aussie Pumps also offers a hydraulic drive version that can be
plugged into the sprayer’s hydraulic system for fast fill ‘on the go’.

About the four-year engine warranty on genuine Honda powered poly pumps available
at no extra charge to clients, Farrugia said that the extended warranty gives
added peace of mind to users. Close coupled electric motor drive versions in
either single phase or three phase are also available.

All Aussie electric drive poly pumps are fitted with a unique Protek
device designed to fit between the pump and the motor. In the event of seal
failure, the Protek system traps the liquid to prevent it from entering the
motor via the shaft.

According to Farrugia, with many farmers buying these pumps, Aussie
Pumps is increasing production to meet the higher demand; this also means a
reduction in production costs, which can be passed on to customers.

Further information on Aussie poly pumps for liquid fertilisers and
agricultural chemicals is available on the Australian Pump website (
and from Aussie Pump Gold Distributors throughout Australia.

Image: Simone Upton from Tamworth checks out the
Aussie Smart poly pump with Honda power, for transferring liquid fertilisers,
preventing ground contamination and chemical wastage.

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