Acquifer HCS imaging machine for high content screening

Scitech presents the HCS imaging machine, a smart image acquisition
system from Acquifer designed for easy, precise, robust and smart high content
screening applications.

Ideal for high content screening, experiment reproducibility, and integrating
data storage and processing, the Acquifer HCS imaging machine allows for a
large variety of specimens to be imaged including zebrafish, yeast, drosophila,
cell, organoid and spheroid specimens without the need for an expert to manage
the experiment.

The HCS imaging machine’s user interfaces include ‘App Based’ or ‘Standard’,
‘Advanced’, ‘Smart Imaging’ or ‘Remote Master’.

Key application features of Acquifer HCS imaging machines:


Dorsal orientation tool, lateral orientation tool, image optimisation –
deconvolution, Smart Imaging interface (TCP based), visualisation tools


Large/ thick 3D specimen, image optimisation/ de-blurring, Smart Imaging
interface (TCP based)

(Time-lapse) Cell based

Optimised temperature control – unique laminar flow design for MT plates,
light power sensor at sample level, precise re-positioning (linear motor axis +
1nm resolution encoder), laser autofocus, Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)


Static MT plate holder (for very force sensitive yeast lines), laser
autofocus, yeast optimised image based auto-focus, image processing workflows,
robotic sample preparation expertise, Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)

Large projects

Single- and multi-imaging machine projects, HIVE data module integration
for seamless project scaling, light power, temperature and motor sensors
designed for optimised data reproducibility, small benchtop design optimal for
multi-machine setups, Smart Imaging interface (TCP based)

Robotic integration

TCP/IP interface for remote control from many software packages, robotic
lid for easy gripper access, sensors for position, light and temperature to render
hardware calibration routines obsolete

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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