Acoustic imaging solution helps visualise sound sources at different frequencies

Scitech introduces the ACAM 100 Acoustic Array from Signal Interface
Group, designed as a complete solution for acoustic imaging. The ACAM 100
allows users to create an acoustic image overlaid on an optical image to
visualise sound sources at different frequencies.

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array consists of an array of 40 digital MEMS microphones
on a 40cm x 40cm plate. The microphones are sampled simultaneously, providing
accurate phase information for digital signal processing algorithms. An
acoustic membrane protects each microphone from dust and moisture.

A 5MP optical camera is located in the centre of the array allowing an
optical image to be overlaid onto the acoustic image to visualise sound

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array has two isolated digital inputs and two
isolated digital outputs, which can be used for synchronisation with data
acquisition systems; one of the inputs can be used for a tachometer.

Key features of the ACAM 100 Acoustic Array include ability to lock onto
and target specific sound sources, program the sample rate (50K, 40K, 25K, 20K,
12.5K, or 10K) and employ digital low pass filters to allow anti-aliasing;
maximum sound pressure of 112 dB; and on-board buffer memory of 256M bytes.

The ACAM 100 requires just one USB cable for microphones, optical
camera, digital I/O and power, and communicates to a PC through a USB 2.0 port.

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array is available bundled with beamforming
software as a complete system for end-users, or unbundled, with an API
providing access to all of the array’s capabilities – an open platform for
developers, system integrators, and researchers.

The ACAM 100 Acoustic Array finds application in manufacturing,
architecture, security, environmental monitoring, health and safety as well as

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website, or call (03) 9480 4999.

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