Access consultants going paper free during inspections

Techs4Biz Australia reports that access consultants are increasingly
turning to paperless automation systems to conduct their inspections and ensure
legislative requirements for disability access are met by various facilities.
Paper free inspections are allowing greater flexibility, improved reporting
functionalities and increased efficiency to these consultants.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of 2010 makes it ‘unlawful to
discriminate against another person on the grounds of the person’s disability
in relation to a number of aspects of access to, or use of, premises’. The Act
ensures that buildings, homes, toilets, parks, hotels, car parks, public
transport and many other facilities and services are easily accessible and
usable by those with a disability.

Suitable access benefits not just people living with long term
disabilities, but also those in the extended community including families with
young children and those who may have a short term disability. Every new
building is required by law to meet the Australian Disability Standards.

Access consultants can use customised checklists aligned with the
required standards to conduct their inspections, allowing them to review
various premises the right way the first time. Paperless automation systems,
therefore, help increase productivity, save money on all counts and ensure
buildings, facilities and services remain safe and accessible for the community.

Inspection software allows users to ensure relevant codes and industry
standards are being followed; customise and review information required by consultants
to complete tasks including checklists, potential results or outcomes,
acceptable threshold values (for collecting field data), etc.; access customer
and asset history including details of previous repairs and/or services; produce
reports or invoices as required; easily scan barcodes for prompt identification
of assets and equipment, therefore improving efficiency while minimising
opportunities for human error; quickly create new corrective tasks and trigger
alerts; and schedule jobs in the field, and from the office.

With the right inspection software on their mobile
devices, access consultants can enhance operational efficiencies, control and
accountability, leading to increased productivity, profitability and quality of
work overall. 

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