Why SkillsTech TAFE uses digital refrigeration gauges

SkillsTech TAFE, one of Australia’s most widely-recognised trade schools,
uses digital refrigeration gauges from testo at their HVAC and refrigeration
school in Bracken Ridge. The institution has several branches throughout
Queensland providing instruction in electrical, HVAC, automotive and numerous
other vocational fields.

Head Teacher Neal Kidman started the HVAC and refrigeration school at SkillsTech
TAFE’s Bracken Ridge branch seven years ago. Having used testo’s range of refrigeration
gauge sets and pressure sensors throughout this teaching career, he
introduced them to the refrigeration school for training and instruction.

Mr Kidman explains that the refrigeration school at SkillsTech TAFE
Bracken Ridge teaches students everything about the trade as part of apprenticeship
training, which involves delivering advanced trade courses and offering a
diploma in refrigeration and air conditioning. The school covers Certificate 1,
2, 3, 4 and 5 courses, allowing students to pursue their diplomas while
participating in apprenticeships.

Students at the refrigeration school have access to all the refrigeration
and air-conditioning equipment they’ll find out in the real world. The training
programme uses a number of testo digital gauges to give students a good view of
system capabilities and how those appliances should be performing. The school
currently uses testo’s digital gauge manifold sets and is looking into buying
an air-balancer velometer. Any instrument that could indicate HVAC equipment
performance is used at the training school.

Mr Kidman considers testo digital instruments as top of the line,
preferring them over other tools for their ease of use and digital operation, and
for going above and beyond the industry standard, which only calls for analogue

He believes the refrigeration industry is transitioning from analogue
gauges to digital gauges slowly, but the use of digital instruments at TAFE
colleges and other institutions is helping students recognise the inherent
advantages of using them, speeding up their adoption in the real world.

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