Why should you care about NOX emissions? [Video]

Toxic gases such as nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide produced as a
result of burning fossil fuels form the components of NOX. The toxic nature of
these emissions has led to the government imposing several regulations to
control their levels in the atmosphere.

These noxious emissions are continuously under the watch of the
government because some of them are very harmful to the environment and health.
Nitrogen dioxide is a respiratory toxin with the US Environmental Protection
Agency having identified a link between nitrogen dioxide exposure and hospital
emergency visits.

Nitrogen dioxide combines with sunlight to contribute to the development
of ozone. Nitrogen dioxide can impair visibility and lead to
eutrophication, which occurs when aquatic algae populations grow exponentially,
decreasing oxygen in water bodies. NOX also has a detrimental effect on
polymeric materials such as rubber and plastic.

These consequences of NOX emissions are why the Volkswagen diesel
emissions scandal is cause for worry. They also underline the importance of businesses
in the industrial sector testing their vehicles for emissions at regular
intervals. Devices such as the testo 340 diesel kit can assist them in
this regard.

Learn more about harmful NOX emissions on this
short informative video.

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