Where frozen food thermometers can be used

Australia’s food manufacturers face several operational hurdles in
maintaining the quality of their food during transit and storage due to the hot
and humid climate. Combined with the growing population and the amount of food being
consumed, food producers have to be able to keep up with demand without
compromising quality.

The frozen food market is one sector of the food industry under extreme
pressure from these factors. The frozen food segment particularly faces
concerns about storage and transportation, requiring manufacturers to take proactive
steps to ensure quality when it gets to consumers.

Devices such as the testo 105 frozen food thermometer can help
frozen food manufacturers meet their quality objectives. testo 105 frozen food
thermometers are recommended for use in trucks, abattoirs and refrigerated

testo 105 frozen food
thermometers in trucks

The vast agricultural heartlands of Australia require freight companies to
cover large distances when transporting frozen goods such as meat and dairy
products. With some trips taking several hours, these products need to be inspected
on a regular basis. Drivers can use the thermometer during breaks to confirm the
truck is still at the right temperature. In the event of any problem, the
driver will be alerted through a visual or audible alarm so that the issue can
be addressed before the food is spoiled.

testo 105 frozen food
thermometers in abattoirs

Australia produces some of the best meat in the world, and is also a
leading exporter to several countries including China and Russia. The
flourishing export trade depends on quality assurance at the source – the slaughterhouse
– where an optional 200mm measurement tip allows workers to deep-test the
meat and ensure it is still at the right temperature during storage.

testo 105 frozen food
thermometers in refrigerated storerooms

Most frozen foods are stocked in refrigerated storerooms before they
reach the supermarket shelves. During this time, it’s vital to keep quality
high and the threat of bacteria low. Businesses ensure food quality by constantly
checking the temperature of frozen products waiting to be put onto the
shelves. The testo 105 frozen food thermometer offers two user-defined
limit values to enable both temperature extremes to be monitored, allowing storeroom
managers to set upper and lower values based on the type of product.

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