Where can testo Saveris 2 support a stable environment?

Atmospheric elements such as humidity and temperature impact everyday
life in different ways. When outside, frizzy hair or melting ice-creams are
some of the consequences of these conditions. In an indoor environment, the
impact of temperature and humidity can have more serious consequences,
especially in sensitive settings such as pharmacies and server rooms.

Such indoor environments need to be continuously monitored to minimise
the impact of these atmospheric conditions. The testo Saveris 2 is a handy device
to monitor humidity and temperature levels in enclosed environments so that any
change can be quickly dealt with before real damage occurs to equipment or

The testo Saveris 2 is a Wi-Fi data logger system that can be used in a
number of indoor facilities to monitor and document temperature and humidity levels
around the clock. In the event any change is detected by the instrument, the
team responsible for the facility can be notified of the readings via a
smartphone or tablet application.

Two facilities where the testo Saveris 2 can help support a stable
environment are pharmacies and server rooms.

Pharmacies and medicine storage

It’s imperative that pharmacies store drugs in secure locations in the
right conditions. Pharmacies are governed by strict regulations requiring data
monitoring, which necessitates the use of systems such as the Saveris 2. With
automatic temperature monitoring, chemists can view the complete storage data
from anywhere around the world.

Server rooms

Server rooms housing hundreds and thousands of servers are responsible
for the running of large computer networks, and are sensitive environments that
need to be maintained at optimum temperature and humidity levels. Even the
smallest change in programmed humidity and temperature settings can compromise
server performance, forcing the shutdown of major networks, and putting
productivity and reputation at risk.

Multiple Saveris 2 data loggers can be placed
around the facility to monitor and track environmental conditions. Continuous
monitoring minimises risk of failure in any part of the server room.
Additionally, the data is accessible via web browsers, smartphones and tablets,
allowing issues to be addressed instantly.

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