When temperature monitoring goes wrong: What not to do

testo offers a comprehensive portfolio of test and measurement
instruments designed to assist a broad range of industries take accurate
measurements, thereby keeping their staff, clients and customers safe.

The food industry is one environment where great care must be taken to
ensure the processed food leaves the factory or laboratory in a condition that
is safe to eat. Temperature control plays a major role in ensuring this care, given
that many food-borne illnesses are the direct result of incorrect heat

However, despite the availability of professional quality instruments,
some businesses choose to devise their own solutions, leading to outcomes that
may have public health implications or even destroy the company.

1. Listeria contaminates ice-cream

An ice-cream production business in the United States recently had
entire shipments of product contaminated by a potentially deadly outbreak of
Listeria. Since the company’s production was distributed across multiple
facilities, it was difficult to trace the bacteria back to the source. The
contamination not only caused serious harm to the business in question, both
financially and reputation-wise, but also displaced around 4,000 workers while
the investigations took place.

2. Principals conference ruined
by salmonella

When food-borne illnesses occur at large gatherings such as conferences,
the impact can be disastrous as delegates at an education conference in
Brisbane found out when a salmonella outbreak saw 250 out of the 1,200
attendees contracting food poisoning. To add further seriousness to the
outbreak, 24 of the 250 had to be hospitalised as their condition

The varied menu made it difficult to narrow down the source of the food
poisoning, prompting an investigation by Queensland Health. General Manager of
the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Bob O’Keeffe said they were looking
deep into their supply chain to see if there was any possibility that the
infection originated from food supplied to the centre.

How to ensure the supply chain
isn’t compromised

An effective temperature monitoring solution such as the testo Saveris
will ensure the food laboratory is not contaminating another company’s supply
chain. These temperature monitoring systems allow for comprehensive
monitoring of all production stages, keeping food products at the optimal
temperature levels as required by law. 

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