What are the key features of multi-function measuring instruments?

Indoor air quality has a bearing on the health and well-being of all the
residents and occupants of the building. This means professionals who deal with
ventilation systems, gas heaters, air conditioning units and even construction
need to be aware of the technologies applicable in this space.

One of the best ways to measure indoor air quality is a multi-function
measuring instrument, enabling these building professionals to test ambient
conditions accurately and quickly, and help them identify any problems in the
atmosphere before they start work.

Multi-function measuring instruments should offer wide coverage, and be
able to record and store readings for analysis.

Wide coverage

Multi-function measuring instruments designed to monitor indoor air
quality are highly flexible and come with interchangeable probes to suit
specific measuring tasks. Using these probes, it is possible to measure a range
of parameters including carbon dioxide, temperature/radiation temperature,
relative humidity, turbulence, pressure, flow and even luminance.

Easy to fit, the probe is inserted into the instrument, and the device turned
on to collect data on the given parameter. The clear screen offers readings
from up to three temperature probes at once.


Readings are easy to interpret from multi-function measuring instruments
in the field; however, data is required to be recorded and stored to analyse
specific problems over a long period of time. Many multi-function measuring
devices allow up to 10,000 readings to be stored in the memory. Certain devices
are also bundled with PC software for analysis, archiving and documenting of data.
The software enables this information to be interpreted so that tangible data can
be presented as evidence to building managers and council officials.

It is also possible in some devices to print measurement data on site
with a testo printer.

The testo 435 series is available in four versions along with an
extended range of probes and PC software.

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